About Me

Coffee addict, a little neurotic, and at the moment- totally in love with the smell of fresh parchment. I’m godsend to “descend boredom” upon people as my friends put it, for me and wild-fun do not generally mix well. And after arduous hours of contemplating on my bed and fantasizing about being in the wild, I find myself qualified enough to make the claim that nothing beats the feeling of running barefoot on wet, dewy grass. I get high on sniffing books, gadget autopsies, troubleshooting and analyzing archery dynamics.

I blog because I find talking incredibily exhausting, insane as it might sound. I can not string two words together without people asking for a repeat and with every replay, I cut it shorter and by the time they begin to get it, I’ve forgotten how to say it anyway. I just don’t like it verbal. Period. And since that makes me pretty much a waste of space socially, I feel obligated to not let my cyber counterpart end the same way. Besides, I need to process the million threads my mind stews and broods upon.

PS: On my list of things to do before I die, trying Starbucks is one of them. Got my wish. [04.07.2013]


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I blog because I don’t speak to people much anymore. It’s amazing to me that I feel completely alone when I am surrounded by people demanding my attention and an explanation for my nature which they probably wouldn’t understand even if I explained it perfectly. In solitude I am never alone, and therefore I prefer it to the company of a chattering about little or nothing society.

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