Ramadan Series- The Waning Dusk

I’ve always wanted to do a 30-day post series on Ramadan, and this year, alhamdulillah I’ve finally gotten down to it. Youth Club Blog will have the first publishing rights as they’re the ones who came up with the project. And soon as the posts go live, I’ll be pinning them here too.

And I’ll have you know the credits are not entirely mine. Most of the ideas are borrowed from a discussion I had with my friend- who was all too happy to chip in! 30 nights and 30 posts insha Allah, debunking one myth at a time.

The series is titled “The Waning Dusk”– after Ramadan nights that fade away into nothingness, a shade too swiftly than we would like. Hope you all benefit from the series some way or the other and may we all live up to our own expectations set for this month!


What say you?

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