When the keys get a stroke…

I would like to take time out from my bed-potato mode to make a serious post about an affliction that has taken over the right most side of my keyboard, that is to say- my arrow keys, delete and my shift key have all suffered from a stroke. Not the keystroke, no. They are all paralysed. Dysfunctional. Life never got any more frustrating. 😐

*Two-minute silence*

They say “you don’t know what you have until you lose it.
Correction- you always knew what you had, you just never thought you’ll lose it.” Alhamdulillah for the rest of the keyboard that’s still alive and kicking. Typing.

So folks, be good to your DELETE. Right-clicking is such a chore. I can write 101 reasons (and those reasons being more whiny than reasonable) why DELETE makes an awesome shortcut… And scrolling through endless social network feed is literally a “drag” when you have to do it with a track pad (trust me on this one). And the Shift key is priceless for all self-righteous grammar freaks. I think I’ll manage with the left SHIFT, but this is like losing one of your kidneys and surviving on the other. No really. I kid you not.

PS: I’m being extra cautious with ENTER now. Little guy survived my impatient keystrokes. Million thanks to the Lord.


7 thoughts on “When the keys get a stroke…

  1. I could hardly stop my laughter on the kidney’s metaphor (its really late night so cannot afford to laugh loud). We have “installed” mouse traps in our house for the big cursed rat but it is not him rather my lappy’s mouse that is found dead in evening. ALHAMDOLILLAH for the mouse pad and slow evo and home and end buttons (that were absent in last pc) and F7 button and control and S. O lord, do not test me with the failure of keyboard like this poor lady and also recover her keyboard SOON. Ameen.

    • I allowed myself a grin at kidneys too. But grinned broader when the wrong mouse died at your end. :p pray you get a replacement soonish insha Allah.
      I’m a big believer in miracles. So I’m hoping my keys get alight as suddenly as they dropped dead. Insha Allah. 😀

  2. Alaa Shakir says:

    I don’t take things for granted except for all those cosmetics that my elder sister buy for herself everytime =D Awesome anyways =) (Y)

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