Chained- Us or the Devils?


Was looking at some typographic samples when one of those (Cuff the Duke) inspired this graphic. Still needs finishing touches on the curves but till I get a better stylus…

Anyway, there is an oft-repeated phrase that you only hear in Ramadan. It is people (including me- guilty as charged) saying “I’ll probably watch this *insert so-and-so movie, music, show* after Ramadan.” Kind of kills the whole point of fasting, does it not? Here is how it works- if you can’t do it in Ramadan, then you shouldn’t be doing it anyway. It’s that simple. Or not. And whoever manages to carry this thought through he year is the one who has really benefitted from the month.

The devils chained are waiting to be broken loose, and so are we, whether we admit to it or not; with our not-so-great plans pending, and that watch-list prepared somewhere, and those backstabbing stories threateningly close to being divulged… Thirty days in and we will walk the earth like prisoners on parole. Unless we really prepare otherwise…


9 thoughts on “Chained- Us or the Devils?

  1. Ma sha Allah! So true, why do we have to wait till Ramadan before we assume the role of practising muslims and then go back to our old ways after a month. Why go the wrong way when we already the way?

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