A quick word

Seriously, we live in times where things are so confusing for people that just to practice the basics of Islam is a huge blessing. You look at just how many people don’t know anything about their Deen and worse, don’t even care about it either. If you see someone establishing the prayer, you should give that person props and keep them going, not start fault-finding.

And if you see someone taking it further and striving to practice upon the detailed way of the Sunnah, reviving it, teaching it, and inspiring others to follow it with knowledge and wisdom, well that’s just superb mA. It really is!

Al-Marrūdhi (r) asked Imām Aḥmed b. Ḥanbal (r):
“If one dies upon Islam and the way of the Sunnah, has he died upon something good?”

Imām Aḥmed (r) replied:
“Behave! Whoever dies upon Islam and the way of the Sunnah has died on all the good that there is!”
(as narrated by al-Lālikā’ī, 1/131)


-Abu Eesa


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