Random enough?

So it’s here. Finally. After some persisting issues with my general uselessness…

It has now been ascertained (a year ago actually) and accepted- “that we are all from stardust”. The first lifeforms on earth were made of stardust and this is how our evolution and origin fit into the equation. *Raises an eyebrow* Reality begs to differ.

I was reading an article where physicists were trying to explain how all of us are made of stardust, billion-year-old carbon. I suppose that’s just tad nicer than saying “we are from the apes”. And ape species that still exist today apparently failed to evolve. Shame. No, I’m sure there is some harebrained explanation for this in Darwin’s Bible.

And I’m not quite sure how to process this bit of news-break. The structure of the whole physical cosmos is stardust, which in essence, is stuff produced when a star explodes at the end of its life cycle- a supernova as we know it. And Earth and all the planets are a result of this explosion and other matter in outer space.

We know for certain we’re from the earthly dust and to dust we will return. So if earth is star stuff, does that mean we really have stardust in our origins (skipping the evolution junkyard of course)?

Care to explain, anyone? I’ll be back with some digging into the matter…


15 thoughts on “Random enough?

  1. Daniyal says:

    Wallah alam.There could be some truth in it.IF the earth is stardust…coz we have elements in us tht are from the heavens-like iron.

  2. Sara says:

    Hamaray dor main daleen khirad ne uljhanain lakhon…. Janoon ki uljhanain jab hun gi asaan, hum nahin hun gay 🙂 Looking for same reading materials now adays, (1)Evolution and (2) Islam versus Secularism. Refreshing belief through knowledge. Good luck to you too 🙂

  3. Interesting bit of knowledge I found it to be. So it comes down to carbon huh? And other assorted elements. (-P) Which we already knew right, being from dust and all?.. 😀

  4. Ainh really. Fancy word of saying what we knew all along. They added ‘star’ to it so we don’t roll our eyes and go,’It’s all here in our book pal, don’t you ever read???’ *kinda Hermione way*

  5. They always drag that stupid theory, totally escapes me why! The rest of those hairy banana lovers were crazy not to choose to go along and become humans, were they? And dunno that about bacteria…some special ones might.

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