May the odds be ever in your favour

Life’s a little war everyday. Another cup of coffee. And much tapping of feet on the floor to the tunes playing in my head. Over and over again. And drumming in the air. And I wonder if I’ll ever be able to shake it off me. I can literally see my mess here. Scratch that. I can see where I’ve gone wrong in places. And I’ve known all along. But it’s a completely different tune altogether when the world starts falling like rain. Like soft snow. Like little shards of broken glass balled up in white velvet. And you don’t know what hit you. You can either dance in the abyss (which I do) oblivious to the glass pieces beginning to make their cuts. Or you can pick up the pieces and get a move on. I do that too, only after the pieces have become a pain in the- well, all over.
Escapist or a realist. Either way, it’s depressing. To feel things you cannot name. To write of thoughts you should not think. To go waltzing in the twilight zone. To colour the grey areas black or white, a makeshift heaven in your mind and watching it collapse. This is Conscience behind the scenes. A voice you drown when it begins to choke you. No, it is a song unsung, and a part of it dies everyday inside. But this is what makes you- YOU.

    And newsflash- you’re doomed. In every meaning of the word.

وَٱلۡعَصۡرِ (١) إِنَّ ٱلۡإِنسَـٰنَ لَفِى خُسۡرٍ (٢) إِلَّا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ ٱلصَّـٰلِحَـٰتِ وَتَوَاصَوۡاْ بِٱلۡحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوۡاْ بِٱلصَّبۡرِ

By the declining day, Lo! man is a state of loss, Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance. (103:1-3)

An oath taken by the Time. By the seconds slipping as we speak, that your life is no one-man show nor is there any way out. Unless, we all survive. Together. And make it out of this lair of seductions set forth. Not one lone “victor”. But our community as a whole.
Starting with yourself.
And you are, but a puppet to your conscience or lack thereof. So keep that voice coming strong, even if it depresses you. Breathe in it. And rise. And help others rise with you.

Life’s a little war everyday. “May the odds be ever in your favour.”
Correction. May the odds scales be ever in your our favour.


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