All you have to do is think. Really.

This is something I pulled off from a Facebook status update and couldn’t resist going viral with it. Here’s the short post- the last paragraph in essence, is most important!

A brother came with his friend to the masjid a little before iftar.  The friend had a list of questions about Islam that seemed very much pulled off from answering islam websites..

Pedophilia, Cousin marriages, circumcision, do Muslims prevent adoption, death threats for apostates..tattoos…after every answer he just looked at me with a poker face and moved on to the next question.

Final question?  Is it true that if you accept Islam all of your sins are forgiven?

When he said that, I realized how powerful that statement was. How powerful a promise.  I realized why ‘Amr ibn Al-Aas would pull his hand back from the prophet’s outreached hand, until he received a guarantee that Allah would forgive everything he had done before that moment.

A life filled with mistakes, some intentional and many not, stupid decisions, shortcomings and deficiencies, jealousy, lust, greed, all of the emotions that make up the human experience…with one sentence all of them would be erased completely.

How wise is Allah that He made the acceptance of Islam have such an attractive reward.  Better than any money that could ever be offered- the freeing of a conscience and a chance to start again.

He accepted Islam right after and actualized on the reward, in sha Allah, that was promised him.

As for us, we have an appointment with that same promise as well, to be acquired in a different fashion.  The messenger of Allah said, “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan, out of belief and seeking its reward will have his sins forgiven.” and “Whoever stands the month of Ramadan out of faith and seeking its reward will have his sins forgiven.” and “Whoever stands Laylatul Qadr out of faith and seeking its reward will have his sins forgiven.”

For those wondering who posted it- here’s the link. The message is simple. Next time you get an urge to whine about hunger pangs, go back and remind yourself why you’re fasting in the first place. Cause complaining kind of blows everything. This goes out to me first and foremost ’cause I’ve been doing that lately. Check- guilty as charged.

PS: A frustrated status update from Maniac Muslim:

Knock it off with the “I’m so hungry” tweets. Good for you. It’s called fasting. Might as well post a “I breathe oxygen” tweet.

PPS: Check out other bonuses too- the emphasis on standing in prayer part. This calls for a taraweeh night! What say-?


6 thoughts on “All you have to do is think. Really.

  1. Jazak Allah for sharing! By the way I love your theme.

    You seem to have a quirky and cool blogging tone. Hope to read you more frequently, Insha Allah!

  2. I think that this article says it all, really. It was a great topic, excellent approach to the topic, and, it was a very honest & authentic outlook, I think, to the subject that you’ve so necessarily highlighted. You have, from what I can tell from just reading this post, a very mature outlook on many things, if not most things, and, as a fellow writer, myself, who always strives to attain this quality, I thank you for giving me the opportunity of seeing it so well-expressed.

    • Thanks Gareth! And yeah, I’ve had both days- when things are sorted and when I’m bringing in my own hellstorm. Sometimes, it so happens that when you go back and read what you had written after a long long time, you go like- “Seriously? What was I thinking?”

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