Sparing a thought

Small things, big deal.
You have to spare a couple of minutes for this! 🙂

That Nagging Thought

It was simply too much. I wanted to take a pistol to the idiots. After two in the morning and they were making a racket just outside the balcony, playing that dratted sport, football (those more akin to US English, read ‘soccer’). Must be some teenagers off school, I thought.

Another night and I am tossing again, pillow clamped tightly upon the ears- this time it is not the rowdy teenagers, but some wedding party enjoying a concert, that they intended for to go on all night by the looks of it. The cheers accompanied by the loud singing that jarred all three bones in the ear, was not diminishing even with rugs stuffed beneath doorways and windows clamped shut. And I wondered (plenty of time to do so with peace and quiet proving so elusive!), why do we do so?

What secret pleasure do we attain by subjecting people…

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