Last-minute hype

Can’t belive I’m blogging via cellphone connection this time. You would be amazed at how much a person can do with limited resources. This post is proof that even when you’re stripped off your broadband connection, you can still blog live on wordpress with an ordinary java-enabled cellphone.:D   Yes, I own no iPhone or a smartphone with Symbian or android operating system. Just a simple handset with a browser that’s powered on java and a measly GPRS connection that you can make do with in desperate times. Yeah, I’ve made my cellphone into a GPRS modem at the moment!

Anyway, I’ve been itching to post about the Night of Power ever since the last ashra of Ramadan rolled in. But unfortunately so, my broadband died. And I’ve been waiting for the connection to resume since then- Though I should’ve known better than to rely on customer-care that just doesn’t care unless you vainly threaten them about not using their services altogether.

It’s the 29th of Ramadan already, so I guess I’ll just save my posts on laylat-ul-qadr for the next year. J I’ve been looking back at this Ramadan and thinking if it has been better than last year’s. But then, it’s a new Ramadan every year. Different times, different circumstances, and you find yourself struggling to adapt to the routine and trying to pray a little harder. And by the time you start to get it right, you realize it’s time to say goodbye…

What you can do now is to make a mental checklist of everything you had wanted to achieve this Ramadan but couldn’t. Or all those good things you could’ve done but didn’t, for some reason. Then let your feelings go into an over-dive today. Allah’s Mercy is calling.

If you haven’t cried once before Him, then do so now. Just don’t let this month go without emptying out your inner unrest to Someone Who can really do something about it. Pour your heart out.

If you haven’t repented REALLY REALLY earnestly yet, then do so now. Forgiveness is nearby. Believe me, you’ll get a good feeling about everything once you’re done. And you’ll feel a lot lighter too!

If you haven’t been praying long hours (long qiyaam) all those days, then don’t walk out on the opportunity just yet. Put your soul into the prayers and you’ll feel a burst of imaan coursing in your veins. Remember, you’ll only get to stand before the Almighty on two occasions; once in your prayers, and the second time on the day of Resurrection. So, if you’ve been standing and standing well in your first interval (your prayers), then second standing will be a lot easier on you. J Make sure you bag as many reward points as you can this way! Pray your heart out!

And not just on Ramadan, make sure every good thing you’ve tried to get accustomed to, sticks with you through life. All those quran classes you attended, those pre-dawn nafl you prayed, those times you stopped yourself form badmouthing, slander or untruthfulness… may their imprints remain.

At dusk today, as you step out on your rooftop to welcome the new moon, and as you wave farewell to this blessed month, make sure it doesn’t leave you with your heart filled with regrets or deeds left undone.


4 thoughts on “Last-minute hype

  1. wandpen says:

    How interesting that I stumbled across this post of yours on the eve of the 21st of Ramadan. It’s just what I needed. Jazakumullah khair!

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