Here’s something light and sprinkled with humor for a change. I came across this piece on facebook and found it utterly refreshing. Loved the idea behind it though. Give this a read and do tell me what you think. 😀



The world is now progressing faster than ever before. Everyday there are new discoveries and inventions being made. Technology and science have played a great role in this.

Now, some people may argue that new tech-no-logy is a ‘FITNAH’ for us, that it is ‘HARAM’, (I hate when people say that) which leads us to wrong actions. I believe that that is just another way of Shaitan to make you do nothing and still make you feel religious. It all depends on how you use it. For example, a computer. Do you use it to: play games, listen to music, spend countless hours chatting with your friends about useless things, or watching movies?

Or do you use it for something beneficial? Like WORK!?

One may say, “Okay Hishaaaaam, how do I spend my time with tech-no-logy better?”

Well let disguss…

Youtube – You know how Youtube is, hours go by without you realizing how much time you just wasted. But hey at least you had a couple of laughs watching those cat videos right? NO! Watch videos, that you can benefit from (Like mine!) Then share what you learn with others.

Chat – Every parent is sick of this ‘CHATTING’! That’s cuz they don’t understand what it is about chatting which is so much fun! – NOTHING. Its the same as talking but in virtual words. Anyhow, set aside time where you could discuss something useful with your friends. Don’t be lame. Be tactful!

Music – To all you music freaks out there listening to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga… How could you even do that. They are FREAKS. Listen to Nasheeds or even better the Quran.

Emails – Now who still uses hotmail? Ew. Gmail is tha new thing in town! Start a emailing friends about something new you learned. Be cool and don’t spam.

Text – OMG! I hate these addicts the most. The ones who are literally glued to their phone. I mean they aint getting off no matter what! Most of the time I wonder who there texting ;). Make it a goal to text one thing you learned during the day to at least one friend. (If you have unlimited texting, then why not everyone? No Im kidding don’t do that, all your friends will start hating you…)

You can come to realize, that these things in themselves are not bad, it’s the way you use them that makes them good or bad. (‘good’ ‘bad’ 😛 I’m still in grade 2!)

Let me know in the comment section below on what you think are some ways in which we could make better use of tech-no-logy!

Hisham Al Hadi

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