Al Baqarah, 16: Bottom line- they got duped.

Taking us through the signs and symptoms of hypocrisy, Allah (swt) next spells out the bottom-line for all those who reflect off these traits (go through verses 8-10, 11-12, 13 and 14-15 of Al-Baqarah). Here’s the bitter reality-

 (16) أُوْلَـئِكَ الَّذِينَ اشْتَرَوُاْ الضَّلَـلَةَ بِالْهُدَى فَمَا رَبِحَت تِّجَـرَتُهُمْ وَمَا كَانُواْ مُهْتَدِينَ

These are they who have purchased error with guidance, so their commerce was profitless. And they were not guided. [02:16]

The hypocrites deviate from the true guidance and prefer misguidance, substituting wickedness in place of righteousness. Their trade did not succeed nor were they rightly guided throughout all this. In addition, Ibn Jarir narrated that Qatadah commented on the Ayah, “By Allah! I have seen them leaving guidance for deviation, leaving the Jama`ah (the community of the believers) for the sects, leaving safety for fear, and the Sunnah for innovation.” [1]

Time and time again, we’ve delved into this reasoning- what is it that makes a hypocrite act like the way he does? And each time it’s the same thing- the love of this world. Makes me think- are they that thick? When death is the only certainty life has to offer, how can a person feel so secure? To explain the hypocritical perception from another angle, I’ll give you a funny example.

($) When I was a kid, I used to trick my younger brother into giving me most of his eidi. Since he was a kindergarten student, he didn’t know how to count his cash collectively. And me, being a little devil back then would make a mean deal with him. I would give him three 10 rupee notes in exchange for one 100 rupee note. He gladly used to trade his few 100 bills with my numerous 10 rupee ones. Of course, I was the gaining party here. For I would give him 50 (in 5 ten-rupee notes) in exchange for two “red notes” (100-rupee bills).

To him, money was all about getting your wallet fat. And he would dance around showing off his stack of bills and laughing at my relatively thin one. Little did he know what really was happening. And that he had signed up for a big loss with me. *Of course, mom intervened and set the records straight in the end* but you get the picture.

The hypocrites have a totally harebrained perception of the purpose of life. Like my little brother, who at that time thought three green notes (10-rupee bills) are worth more than just one red note (100-rupees), these hypocrites think what you see now (the life of the world) is worth more than what you cannot see (the life after death). They just don’t get it.

So yeah, they are tricked, duped and deceived by everything worldly ’cause their thinking is still shallow…


[1] Tafsir ibn Kathir

($) PS: Please, do not try this trick at home. 😛


2 thoughts on “Al Baqarah, 16: Bottom line- they got duped.

  1. Zohra Somjee says:

    Very good example of you and your younger brother. But let us all be reminded that these hypocrites dont belong to the other world. They can be us, let us all of us be watchful of what are we doing while dealing with others.

    • Walaikumusslam. Good point, Zohra. 🙂

      Though I have mentioned this in the previous verses, I should remind the readers again to beware of hypocrisy through deeds and actions.
      Act consciously!

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