Secrets of Dawn

Deep messages like these usually make me reminisce…. I’ve always been an early bird. Of course university days have robbed me of this habit as well. Funny how this phase tends to change a person completely. I’ll rant about uni traumas in another post maybe. Though obviously, university is hardly to blame here…it’s just how one reacts to stress that matters. Guess this explains why a particular school-friend is “no longer the same person you used to know”… Tough times, breaking points, personalities morph- so yeah, people change…

Skipping through working uni days and fast-forward to June ►►  It’s vacations at my end and I’m sleeping like a log, even after Fajr. A bad habit I’ve fallen into. I was an early-morning sort of person once upon a time. I used to go up on the rooftop after fajr prayers to revise my Quran. Then I would capture still images of sunrise everyday, and then I used to compare all the shots and marvel at how each morning was different from the other…the shades of the sky, position of the sun, patterns on the clouds- it’s a new dawn everyday.

Looking at this particular picture, I’m recollecting all that I’m missing out now- flowers in bloom, that fresh earthly scent, the early morning breeze that used to make me wish time would stop and that I would stand like that forever watching the skies change hues from purple, pink and blue. It’s that stretch when I would raise my best prayers to the heavens and thank God for just being able to savor this moment.

If you really take a stroll outside at this hour, and contemplate- you’ll be overwhelmed with a feeling more powerful than inspiration, an insight deeper than the mundane and wisdom that could connect you with the Almighty. The secrets of dawn…just don’t go back to sleep and you’ll be able to hear those whispers…

I’m so not going to doze off after fajr. Ever again- insha Allah. Hope this is a final goodbye to my nocturnal vacation routine. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Secrets of Dawn

  1. “…and wisdom that could connect you with the Almighty.”
    wow. reminds me strongly of prophet Ebrahim (a.s). he recognized his Creator after all….

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