The parrot, the match and those prayers…


The tension that gripped the nations on either side of the Radcliffe boundary… I’ve got something to say about it. Yes, I’m talking about the India-Pakistan semi final. And no, I won’t be commentating on the match, I think we’ve all read enough expert views on it to last us a lifetime. I would be just talking about incidents I found surprisingly amazing or totally odd, circulating prior to and during the clash.

From fanciful speculations to chain text messages, there were some things that were off setting. Traditional rivalry as it is, even on a game with India, everything just comes into picture; history, enmity, politics and religion. Strangely so, most of us took it as a “war” between the Muslims and the Hindus, a showdown between two faiths, between the followers of tauheed and the idolaters. What we overlooked was, that it was just another game between two nations- India being just another country and Mohali- just another venue, and not a battleground at the end of the day.

So we were calling ourselves the bearers of truth. How true were we in that claim? I mean how many of us actually passed the deception-test that came in guise of that parrot and its infamous prediction that the Cup has Pakistan’s name on it? Even for a milli-second, I’m sure it must have crossed our minds: ‘Oh, it’s predicted. We’re going to win this!’ And those soothsayers bragging that the win is on the cards, stars in perfect alignment and Wednesday being a lucky day, so on and so forth… and people (read Muslims) actually bought it! It skipped our minds that only Allah (swt) has the knowledge of the Unseen and nothing displeases Him more than people claiming themselves to be equals in attributes He, and only He is worthy of. So it does console me, kind of, that these phony predictions were proved bogus by the lost match. I’m sure those people would have given fortune-telling-cum-seeking a second thought, and many must have been prevented from getting their faiths sliced and diced by this all-time-farce-wishful-sinful (that’s a lot of hyphens) engagement.

The best part was, the game brought us all together! 🙂 Special prayers being offered in congregation, forwarded texts like “Keep supplicating, and we’ll win insha Allah!” or “Let’s all say a prayer at 1.00 for the victory…” definitely made us do something we haven’t been doing for a while. But it was equally sad listening to people the next day that they supplicated so hard, yet it didn’t get answered. Well, as the saying goes: ‘Whatever makes you turn to Allah, is a blessing…’ so what if we didn’t get what we asked for? Prayers are never wasted. It was narrated by Ubada bin Al-Samit that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

There is no Muslim on the face of the earth who asks Allah earnestly of anything except Allah gives it to him or protects him from harm so long as he doesn’t ask of Allah to give him prohibited things or help him in severing blood relations.”

Upon hearing that, one of his companions commented, “Therefore, we should supplicate as many times as we can.”  The Prophet answered, “The more you supplicate the more Allah gives you or the more rewards you get.” (Reported by Imam Al-Tirmidhi and classified by Al-Bani as sound)

So folks, everything happens for a reason. We need to learn the lessons, pick up the pieces and move on. Allah (swt) knows better, so be patient with what He knows. We will get the best out of it, insha Allah! 🙂

“And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.” (02:216)


One thought on “The parrot, the match and those prayers…

  1. Lubna Tauhidi says:

    true said….we dont give total submission to Allah and still want him to fulfill every thing we desire..:((
    its just the time that we get united now fr islam…

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