Up above

  “Do they not look at the Camels, how they are made? And at the Sky, how it is raised high? (88:17-18)”

Nature Landscapes have always generated a head-turning response from me. This time around my eyes caught a photographer’s blog snapshot at the WordPress homepage. And short of time as I always am, I still decided to browse through his collection. And it was worth it! 🙂 I liked this in particular, especially the artist’s idea behind it.

And every man, wherever placed, however far from other sources of interest or of beauty, has this doing for him constantly… the sky is for all; bright as it is, it is not “too bright, nor good, for human nature’s daily food,” it is fitted in all its functions for the perpetual comfort and exalting of the heart, for the soothing it and purifying it from its dross and dust. Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity, it is surely meant for the chief teacher of what is immortal in us, as it is the chief minister of chastisement or of blessing to what is mortal.

via http://lightslant.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/up-above/

“And He hath uplifted the sky; and He hath set the measure, (55:07)”


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