“It’s real love that you don’t know about…”


To introduce the tradition we would be studying today, no other day could have highlighted the irony more than 14th Feb. You’ll see my point in a while. Today when the couples are going all mushy and the singles just showing their enthusiasm wearing red, I guess I’ll just type away talking about a perfect blend of love and respect to match the day. Here’s the hadith-

Volume 1, Book 2, Number 13:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

“Allah’s Apostle said, “By Him in Whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children.”

You must have noticed this that the Prophet (SAW) swears by Allah to emphasize on the importance of the statement being made. When you love a person, you stop asking questions, you don’t counter argue, you give them the utmost preference, you’re like “yes!” all the time, you come up with new ideas to please them, they’re on your mind 24/7,… do I need to go on describing love today?

Loving the Prophet (SAW) the most would mean getting to know more about him, following his teachings- (taking them as they are and not adding anything to them), trying to be exactly like him, and when given an option you choose to copy him hands down, etc. So all you red-pink folks out there, do you see what that means? Snap out of the Valentine spirit! What I don’t get is: why do we exchange values for trash? We’ve got the best of everything, best religion, an excellent role model, the most glorious history, the highest status, and above all, an invincible Book, so where are we heading to?

Now keeping the Valentine aspect out of it, let’s look at this hadith again. Note that the Hadith talks about parents and children, the people we love the most (generally). Giving preference to the Prophet (SAW) over them is really hard. Don’t get it wrong here. It’s not on rebellion. If your parents or your kids or anyone else for that matter, asks you to do something which is against the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) then you should know where to draw the line. This is real love: Living the Prophetic traditions! 🙂

This reminds me, 12th RabiulAwwal is around the corner, and the mosque-speakers have started blaring already. Do you honestly think this is the right way to “express our love” to the Prophet? -Not really bothered about following the Sunnah but fixing a day for singing praises- which he never asked us to do- and no one got around to doing it in his time either? I’ll leave you to think over it.


PS: To trace the roots of this day and to know how halal celebrating Valentine is, Check this link.

Hadith No. 13 – Sahih al-Bukhari.


12 thoughts on ““It’s real love that you don’t know about…”

  1. It’s the Valentine and 11th Rabiul Awwal back-to-back. Kind of ironic. I got to witness Muslims hanging on to two totally different extremities- none of which is acceptable or constructive to begin with.

  2. Wajiha Afaq says:

    Please don’t compare valentine’s day with celebrating the arrival of allah’s last and beloved prophet! I pray to Allah that the love of my prophet never die. The day of milad(the day the prophet was born) is the most mubarak day which signifies that Allah completed all his blessings upon the entire mankind and seals the fact that now Islam is a complete religion and Muhammad the final messenger. I don’t think celebrating Allah’s rehmat is wrong and the prophet, Mohammad is rematulilalameen. It is even mentioned in Quran to celebrate allah’s rehmat! here is a link watch it and remain neutral while watching it. I hope your hatred for the celebration of this particular day lessens and then perhaps(may allah grant you the patience to watch all 24 parts of the series)

    Please next time think a million times before comparing Valentines day or any other non-muslim tradition with a purely Islamic one. As for following the prophet and sunnah, then yes we should implement his way each and every second of our lives.

    Thank you and stay blessed.

    • AA.
      dont get me wrong here. im not equalizing valentine with eid miladunnabi. its the extremity we reach when we celebrate which is unacceptable. im definitely am not against its celebration, but its the way we celebrate it, thats out of place. we can show our enthusiasm by forwarding authentic sunnahs, resolving to live the prophetic traditions, reading the prophets biography and following his teachings and all… for a country facing a blackout, expensive lighting- stolen in most cases, lavish banquets to celebrate something holy is pure extravagance, which is against the quranic and prophetic teachings. simplicity is the preferred trend.
      the whole point of that post was to say that we are to follow the sunnah even when celebrating eid milad. 🙂
      i hope its all cleared up. ill watch those parts, iA. thanks for sharing your point, wajiha!

  3. ps: the emphasis was on the extremism we pakistanis exhibit. we usually go overboard while celebrating, rubbing the lines between culture and religion. like im sure you saw that 13-storey cake on tv made for this day. we could have donated all that flour to the poor, right? charity? isnt this what the prophet would have done himself?

  4. Javeriah Farrukh says:

    i haven’t read all the posts here but what i gather from skimming through them is whether or not it’s alright to celebrate eid milad un nabi (s.a.w)… eid milad wasn’t celebrated in the prophet’s time and NEITHER in the time of the khulfa-e-rashideen. if you do come across any ahadith that prove otherwise please do enlighten me.
    also, what was probably implied by saadia (and correct me if i’m wrong) was that it is celebrated with such fervor that people think it’s an islamic injunction. INCORPORATING SOMETHING IN ISLAM SUCH THAT PEOPLE START PRACTICING IT WITH THE INTENTION OF SAWAB is what should be discouraged. no sane muslim would be against praising the prophet and thanking Allah for his rehamt. might i add here, that the best way to show our love for the prophet is by doing what he did and stopping from what he stopped. may Allah guide us all.


      • Wajiha Afaq says:

        People have various ways to show their way for the prophet.

        @jawaeria yes do watch the video that i posted in previous message it might help you clear your conscience and even if you don’t celebrate milad after that you won’t disregard people who do its all explained in the light of quran and sunnah.

        @sadiya No harsh feelings sadiya but please refrain from comparing two opposite things.

  5. oh, its all cool with me wajiha. 🙂
    the point of comparision was to show two totally different days, one very unreligious and the other which is divine. the contrast. that was the picture.

  6. Wajiha Afaq says:

    Sadiya today Muslims all over the world pray taraweeh in jamat. However, this was not the case in the days of the prophet. It was after the death and in the era of Hazrat Umer radiallahutaallah’s khilafat that Muslims began to offer taraweeh bajammat. So i’m just saying that it was a good act on hazrat umer’s part that he collected the ummah on one platform for taraweeh as well.
    Khair its all good with me too 🙂 Only i hope next time you run comparisons a little more thoughtfully. So the two scenarios you sketched are actually in contrast. And vastly different. World’s apart. No comparison. The rest is all upto our IMANS.

    • “So the two scenarios you sketched are actually in contrast. And vastly different. World’s apart.”
      🙂 that was exactly the point. the irony of the whole situation. first day- valentine, and the next day- eid milad. and we witnessed the muslims divide. half there (valentine), half here (11-12th rabiulawwal). that was the contrast i meant to bring up when i said, “It’s the Valentine and 11th Rabiul Awwal back-to-back. Kind of ironic. I got to witness Muslims hanging on to two totally different extremities- ”
      “none of which is acceptable or constructive to begin with.” this referred to our V.day euphoria and our way of celebrating 12th RA.

      khair, i would be more explicit next time. 🙂
      was nice discussing it with you.

  7. Waqas says:


    they can celebrate what ever they want and they can show that what ever they do is right…

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